K · FOOD 2023
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Exhibits Profile

Welcome to K·FOOD EXPO2023

Processed foods, ingredients and additives Rice processing, meat processing, fishery processing, food additives, sauces, etc
Health, Function, and Organic Food Hall Organic and well-being foods, nutritional supplements, reproduction, pre-meal, etc
Liquor/drink center Traditional liquor, imported liquor, fruit liquor, wine refrigerator, home bar, etc
Coffee & Dessert Industry Hall Coffee and subsidiary materials, coffee equipment, confectionery and baking machines and devices, desserts, etc
Agricultural, fishery, livestock, forestry products, and local government specialties Agricultural products, specialties, livestock products, marine products, local food, sixth industry, etc
View of start-up/franchise industry Food service industry facilities, vending machines, POS systems, consulting, etc
Kitchen appliances and supplies Kitchen appliances, furniture supplies, kitchen and cooking appliances, sanitary supplies, camping supplies, etc
Food machinery and equipment Food equipment, food packaging equipment, food processing equipment, food transportation equipment, group meals, materials, facilities, equipment, etc
Food Tech Hall Smart Farm, Platform, Alternative Meat, Service & Automation Robot, Smart Factory, etc